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English Foreign Language Training

Communication brings the world closer but if there is a bridge or gap in this chain of communication, then it will break the entire monologue. English is a universal language that is spoken in several parts of the world, even though it is not an official language. It is easily understood by millions; hence communicating in English is easy and convenient. British Express helps in eliminating this gap by offering language training classes to all categories of students. Apart from that there are various personality development training classes as well as preparatory courses for different exams available.

Spoken V/S Written English

Both are forms of English and obviously one can’t substitute for other. But in terms of level of easiness, written English ranks above. You have opportunity to rewrite or edit or rephrase or correct written English but in case of spoken English, words once out of the mouth cannot be taken back. You get time to think and then write but while speaking, you have to be fast and quick. Pronunciation is important while speaking but grammar and correct spelling comes to play while doing written English. Speed and fluency of words is important in case of speaking while in writing, you can take considerable amount of time to phrase your speech. There are many more differences yet these two forms are widely used in every other part of the world, hence one must concentrate on both to gain expertise in the language.

English as a Foreign Language

While English is spoken and understood across the globe, it is still considered to be a foreign language. The reason for this is the fact that English is not the official or formal language of the countries. For those who have English as their formal language is called as native speakers and for them, it is their local language. British ascent is different from American ascent and both are different from French ascent, hence overall the language is called by English; it has several aspects to it. In India, although schools have English subject and, in some cases, the medium of instructions is also English, but still, we are not native speakers of the language.

British Express for English or Foreign Language Training

The most efficient and effective way to learn any foreign language is via official training at a reliable centre. British Express conducts online short term Spoken Course English classes for those who are interested in learning from the scratch. The training is not limited to English, but there are various other foreign languages that are taught here including the likes of French, German and Spanish etc. You can easily get hands on training from experienced tutors who are well versed with their skills and knowledge in the respective language. One does not need to have a specific academic background or specific skill set to get enrolled for the classes but a mere interest in learning the language will do the needful. The formal training in English will help you getting around different places with ease and confidence.

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