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Our E – Learning Platform works on state of the art – “Cloud Technology”. It’s a two way interactive platform which connects the trainer with a student sitting on a remote location . Its highly useful for the students/locations where its difficult to find quality trainers. To reach a trainer, you simply have to log in to platform and opt for the various classrooms being conducted by different teachers. As soon as you log in , you feel like sitting in a live classroom as you are connected to live lectures. You also have access to recorded videos. Some of the features are mentioned below :


Our E Learning platform is easily accessible , all you need is a laptop and an ordinary broadband connection. It also works well on an ordinary the ordinary wireless dongle . You can access lectures 24x7.


The best part of this platform is the access to both live and recorded classes. If , for whatever reason, you skip your classes , you need not worry as you have access to recorded classes. Our E- Learning platform is your virtual classroom where you can attend classes from the comfort of your home and you don’t miss classes even if you are away.

Cost Effective

Fee is not the only thing that you pay for a course. Doing a course might be time consuming and costly affair for you if you have to travel far to reach your institute. Our E-Learning Platform lets you attend classes from your home. You need not travel , thereby saving time and money as well

Variety of Courses

Sometimes, you find to it difficult to join a course because of time constraint , batch availability etc. Our E Learning platform lets you choose the course as per your own choice , time slot . If you are working or studying or engaged in some other activity and still wants to attend our courses, you have the freedom to set your own time of attending lectures.