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Customize English

Choose the British Express Customized English Course for Adults & Students
The English language is a universal language needed in all spheres of life. Whether you are a student or a working individual, you need to be fluent in the English language.
If you do not feel comfortable speaking English among your peer group or colleagues, do not worry. You have the chance to avail yourself of customized English courses through British Express. We are one of the top-rated educational and language training institutes in Delhi. We know that an individual needs to be successful in his education and professional life. For that, basic knowledge of English is essential. If you want to remain motivated and proceed in your life, attend a customized English program offered by British Express.
We have a staff of experienced and qualified English instructors who will improve and develop your English verbal and writing abilities. Furthermore, they will develop a personal English learning syllabus according to the requirements of adults and scholars. The program will help you to master all the features of the English language in a better way.

How Customized English Program Will Help You?
1. Improve Your Grammar
Your English grammar will get improved with a customized English course. You will attain knowledge of making sensible sentences combining words. As a result, you can form understandable sentences. Moreover, English listening and speaking proficiency will get better.
2. Learn Idiomatic Expressions
You will grasp the usage of idioms or short phrases. You will learn how to express yourself concisely using idiomatic words. These are useful as they enrich your English. Additionally, you can interact with others in a funny way rather than a dull manner.
3. Develop Vocabulary
You have the opportunity to develop your vocabulary. You will perceive how to pronounce specific English words. You will develop the ability to read passages easily. Plus, you will learn new English words and their meanings.
4. Advance Oral & Written English
You need to develop English verbal and writing expertise to progress in your life swiftly. English courses help in improving your interaction process. Further, you will get trained in writing engaging English content.

What is the Customized English Program of British Express?
The conventional way of learning English is useful for some persons. But if you require a personalized English course as per your needs, reach us. Our English teachers will teach you the following aspects in a customized English program:
1. Individual Assessment
Initially, when you contact us to join our customized English course, our trainers will assess your English skills. After proper assessment, they will prepare the aspects where you need improvement.
2. Individually Planned Modules
After evaluating the individual, we plan special English learning modules. These lessons are to fulfill the gaps existing in the English speaking and writing skills of the person. Our chief purpose is to enlighten you with different facets of the English language.
3. Personalized Communication
We prefer taking up small batches of students to teach them English language courses. It is to ensure that no one goes unobserved. Our educators will keep an eye on each learner to ascertain that the scholar is grasping all the lessons effectively.
Lastly, we offer a certificate of completion for the scholars who successfully conclude their customized English syllabus. So, without any second thought, rely on us and get enrolled in our English course.