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Advance English

Pursue Advanced English Program of British Express to Enhance Your English Speaking Skills
Do you want to strengthen your English grammar and vocabulary? Then, the advanced English course of British Express is right for you. Taking up our advanced English program will be a reward in fulfilling your career and education needs. We are one of the most prominent educational training institutes in Delhi. We provide an English language course that will benefit your money equally.
You have to understand that it is essential for each one to communicate in English fluently in the present times. Accordingly, we have designed our advanced English speaking course that will help you in every domain.
We have experienced and qualified English teachers who will make it easy to learn the English language. Our trainers will provide all the authentic study resources and learning sessions to develop your fluency in English.

How Does the Advance English Program Will Assist You?
1.Increase Education Extent
Those scholars who wish to take admission to the UK-based University should attend our advanced English course. It will help you to qualify for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a good score.
Moreover, our course is perfect for students preparing for CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced)
2. Gain Competitive Edge in the Workplace
Our program is ideal for those employed in different organizations. You get enabled to gain a competitive advantage over others in your department.
We will furnish you with the essential English communication skills. It will support you in your personal and professional progress. Hence, you can further your profession and life goals.
3. Get Employed in Abroad
Those who wish to get a dream job overseas should pursue our Advanced English course. As a result, you get able to show your good command of the English language.
It will get easy for you to gain employment in the European Union, United States, or as a delegate in an English-speaking nation.

What You Will Learn From Our Advanced English Course?
You will learn the following lessons through our Advanced English Course:
1. Wide Grammar Knowledge
Our knowledgeable English instructors will make you understand and learn the grammar required in all kinds of exams. Plus, it will improve your English vocabulary, spellings, pronunciation, reading, listening, and writing.
2. Understand Different Tenses
You will study the usage of different forms of verbs while framing sentences such as Present Perfect Continuous, Present Perfect Simple, Past Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect Simple, and Future Simple, and Future Continuous.
3. Learn Adjectives, Active & Passive Voice
We will make you understand the difference between an adjective concluding with β€˜ing’ and β€˜ed’. Also, you will know the difference between the active and passive voice rules.
4. Presentation Practice Sessions
We will train you in giving class presentations by communicating effortlessly in the English language. It will support you in the job where you need to present business presentations among your seniors.
5. Learn Art of Writing
British Express makes sure that all our students gain English speaking and writing abilities through our advanced English syllabus. Besides, you will be taught basic writing protocols like composing business letters, e-mails, etc. Eventually, we will provide the certificate of completion to those students who master the advance English language well.