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In Gallo-Roman France, a split occurred between north and south, assisted by incursions of Germanic-speaking Franks – whence the name "France" – into the north. Here, too, further dialectalization occurred throughout the Middle Ages, resulting in a multitude of speech forms such as Francien, Picard, Norman, Lorrain, and Walloon. Southern French, or Provençal, split into Languedocien, Auvergnat, and many other dialects. The dialect of Paris gradually became the national language, however, because of the political prestige of the capital and today is accepted as the model for the French language.

Why French?

French is the second most studied language in the world. It opens up the door to grab the different job opportunities in the world. It is also base for other language and becomes supportive in learning languages such as Spanish, Italian or English. The French is becoming the substitute of English language.


Level A1 : Beginning French
This is the basic stage. In this stage, learner can interact in a simple way, introduce others and discuss the simple ideas.
Everyday Language : Greeting, Personal Details, Simple Vocabulary, Daily Use Phrase, Basic Grammer.
Course Duration : 3 Months    Class Duration : 2 Hours
Level A2 : Low-Intermediate French
In this course, Students will be able to speak about daily life and to understand the general discussion. Students will add the discussion about food, dress, culture and festival.
Survival Language : Family, Shopping, Routines, Places, Accommodation, Everyday Objects, Countries & Cities, Foundation Grammar, Common Vocabulary, Idiom & phrases
Course Duration : 3 Months    Class Duration : 2 Hours
Level B1 : Intermediate French
At the end of this course, Students will get to know about writing skills, speaking fluency and listening French chat show. Students will find themselves into French environment.
Practical Language : Work, School, Travel, Daily Life, Events, Media, Current Affairs, Art, People, Writing, Sentence Formation Grammar, Intermediate Vocabulary.
Course Duration : 3 Months    Class Duration : 2 Hours
Level B2 : Upper-Intermediate French
This course is now for advancement of learning. Students will advance their reading, writing, speaking and listening. Their communication will be at the right levels.
Conversational Language : In Depth Discussion, Opinions, Politics, Religion, Education, Environment, Culture, Health, Fashion, History, Law & Order, Etc.
Course Duration : 3 Months    Class Duration : 2 Hours
Level C1 : Advance French
This course has been designed for the students who wish to explore French literature, culture and nature.
Proficient Language : Complexity, Sub-Text, Near Fluency.
Course Duration : 3 Months    Class Duration : 2 Hours
Level C2 : Near Native French
This course is for perfection in language.
At This Point, There are no lessons - You just need to talk and read and listen to native speaker to perfect your French.
Course Duration : 3 Months    Class Duration : 2 Hours

For Details :

French/ open 24*7
Course Duration 3 Month
Weekdays: MWF (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
2 hours a day/ 6 hours a week
Weekdays: TTS (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)
2 hours a day/ 6 hours a week
Weekend: SS (Saturday and Sunday)
3 hours a day/ 6 hours a week.

Crash Course
Especially for speaking and listening.
Useful grammar and phrases for speaking.

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