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Foreign language learning in Delhi

Foreign languages have always attracted one and all especially the new generation. Those who wish to roam around the world- be it for leisure, education or work purpose, must learn the local language that is spoken in that specific country. For India, the local language is Hindi, while English is spoken by a majority people here like across the globe. British Express offers convenient cost-effective foreign language training cases in online mode along with various other kinds of certificate programs.

British Express for French Learning Classes

French is the foreign language that is the official language of France. British Express has a short-term course for students interested in learning French from scratch. This is among the short-term French Speak Courses that is for beginners and experts alike. Even though the pronunciation of French is difficult, there have been many fans and followers of the language mainly owing to its beautiful literature and dialects.

The trainers at the academy emphasise on pronunciation and vocabulary part more than the grammar as it is vital for communication purpose. The classes can be undertaken by sitting at home for comfort and ease. Hence the certificate program is apt for one and all, even for working professionals who can take online part time courses. The entire enrolment process can be completed online as well.

French Learning for Beginners

Not many know that most of the French alphabets have same letters as that of English, so learning French is simplified for English speakers.

  1. Pay attention to sounds and not alphabets
  2. In French there are a total of 23 consonants and 16 vowels of which 20 consonants and 6 vowels are in English as well
  3. Speak French as much as possible by building a community of naïve speakers, approaching a learning centre or getting a good French tutor
  4. Listen to French audios constantly, watch French movies or TV shows to improve vocabulary
  5. Learn French phrases, grammar and vocabulary

French is a stylish and very elegant language that has ardent followers across the globe. It is also known as one of the most romantic languages in the world, so learning the same will provide you with access to some of the most beautiful locations on the globe as well as enhance your personality to next level.

Learning French by Non-Native Speaker

Yes, French as a language is elegant but at the same time it is very difficult to learn it. The pronunciation of similar sounding words, alphabets are different and unique. On a global, scale, French is the 6th most spoken language and more than 300 million people spoke the same globally. For a non-native speaker, the learning will be made easy if right training and right resources are provided.

British Express boasts of having well experienced and expert trainers that guides you throughout the journey of learning. They understand that for a beginner, learning a completely new language is exciting and challenging at the same time. They have different levels of classes and according to one’s knowledge level, appropriate one can be selected.

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